3 Bizarre Gambling Facts

3 Bizarre Gambling Facts

Gambling is one of the oldest pastimes currently in existence, and even though modern technology has entered the fray thanks to betting sites and online casinos etc, gambling as a whole has not changed all that much. If you’re looking to win yourself some extra spending money and pass a few hours in the process, using betting sites and gambling on a cold and wet Sunday afternoon can potentially be very rewarding. Alternatively, you and your buddies may wish to throw your glad rags on, hop on a jet, and jet off to Vegas for an unforgettable gambling trip. Providing you gamble responsibly, gambling can be very rewarding. Rewarding? Yes, but also sometimes strange and bizarre. Here are some bizarre gambling facts to sink your teeth into.

The world’s smallest casino

When it comes to casinos, bigger is generally better. The bigger the building, the more gamblers they can fit inside, which means more money. Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to some casinos, however. There is one casino that claims to be the smallest in the world. That casino is located in the back of a taxi. That’s right, there is a casino in the back of a taxi. Here, gamblers can enjoy their favourite games on the games table, there is a dealer that runs the games, there is an online casino so you can access betting sites and play online, and there is even a bar.

This casino is all about charity, as takings are kindly donated to a local charity. The taxi/casino was created thanks to Birmingham’s Grosvenor Casino and it is a, pardon the pun, massive hit.

Not all inmates have it tough

Let’s face it, prison isn’t exactly a pleasant place to find yourself. We’ve all heard stories about how some prisons go easier on the inmates than others, but there is one prison that took things a little too far. Back in 1932, in Nevada of all places, Nevada State Prison created a casino inside the prison, which was themed to look and operate just like a casino in Vegas. Inmates could literally play games and gamble, and they even operated the casino themselves.

What’s more, this casino operated for more than 35 years. The casino wasn’t actually legal, it was just that the authorities looked the other way because, ironically, it seemed to keep the inmates out of trouble. The inmates loved this casino so much, that, because they were scared that one wrong move would result in the wardens shutting it down, they were literally on their best behaviour and ran it by the book. In 1967 the casino was shut down and the building which housed the casino was demolished.

Some gambling addicts wear adult nappies

Gambling addiction is no joke. It can destroy lives and bring misery to all affected by it. To give you an example of how serious gambling addiction can be, there are stories of slot machine addicts literally wearing adult nappies/diapers so that they could stay next to their chosen slot machine rather than spend two minutes walking a few metres to the nearest toilet. There was even one company that manufactured adult nappies that marketed them specifically for gamblers. Their slogan read ‘perfect for…Gamblers all night in the casino’. Wow.