About Us

Hello fellow punters and welcome to our site. My name is Carl Hughes and I’m the webmaster here at Find Betting Sites. I am passionate about sports and technology and studied BSc Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at the University Of Birmingham.

With so many gambling websites on the internet, it can be frustrating narrowing your search down to just one. Every business will frequently claim to have the best odds, best features, and best experience. Who do you listen to? Well, us.

In the UK, there are now over 300 sports betting platforms. Let’s not forget, each comes with terms and conditions and all sorts of small print that doesn’t make sense even when we try to read it. We know you don’t have the time for this sort of research, so we’ve done all the hard work on your behalf.

At Find Betting Sites, we judge gambling platforms and continually assess their free bets, bonuses, offers, and new features. This way, everything you see is reliable and you can make a decision based on your own needs. Not only this, you’ll also find detailed reviews of each service. Whether you need live betting, a particular sport, or you like to look at the banking information of a service, myself and my colleagues lay everything out into an easy to read review.

Responsible Gambling

We love gambling and the enjoyment that can come from it, but only when we’re in control. Just as we will, please keep an eye on your habits and communicate openly with those around you. If you feel as though you’re losing control and that gambling is no longer a fun hobby, help is always available with Gambling Therapy and GamCare. With these services, you have some assistance in determining the extent of your problem and the steps required to overcome said problem.

Why Trust Us?

Great question, and the answer is because we’re completely independent and impartial. We can’t speak for all services like ours, but we don’t believe in taking payments from bookies.

Although we do have a fantastic relationship with bookmakers, we don’t write reviews and guides to keep them happy. Instead, everything we do is for the player. Our goal is to help you choose the right service and enjoy your gambling experience.

We only review Licensed Bookmakers

With this in mind, you will only ever find trustworthy and licensed services recommended on our website. Other betting websites might list more services, and this is because we’re more particular with our choices. We understand the dilemma that comes with entering card details online, and we ourselves don’t want to enter these details into a website that isn’t safe – we’re players just like you.

How we earn money

If you’re wondering how we make our own money, it comes through an affiliate business model – in other words, we get commission when you click on a link leading to a bookmaker.

How We Judge Betting Platforms

You might be wondering how we place one betting platform over another, and we actually consider every aspect of the service. Just because one website has a brilliant selection of sports, this doesn’t mean they will have good banking options or customer support. As you’ll see in our reliable reviews, we take into consideration the following:

  • History
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Promotions
  • Markets and Sports
  • Desktop/Mobile Experience
  • Banking Methods
  • Customer Support
  • Responsible Gambling
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