Betboro Offers

Betboro are not currently taking on new customers, here are some other good offers:

BetBoro are one of the newer sportsbook operators on the scene, offering betting services since 2013. Since then it has reached out into the online casino too, something that may tempt you if you’re a fan of both. They’re very much an independent bookie, making them that little bit different to other sites out there right now. Are they the site you should sign up to if you’re looking for something new? Let’s find out.

Site Layout

If you’re a veteran of the online betting scene, you’ll be well used to sites that are bright and flashy, aiming to get your attention. The BetBoro page is nothing like those other sites, though. You’ll see that it’s a much more serious affair, using a black and green colour palette and simply displaying information neatly to the viewer. Many members love it as it’s so easy on the eye. Brighter sites are often too much to take in all at once, while this site seems to be a lot calmer in it’s approach.

When you visit, you’ll see that there is a lot to look at. With so much info, it can be as little hard to know where to start. Spend some time with it though, and it will all make sense. You can change the layouts to suit your needs, so there’s going to be an optimal layout for you. For example, you can change it to a event view, classic layout, Eastern layout, and so on.

If you prefer to use betting services on your phone, then there’s apps for both the iOS and Android stores, should you want to use them. These give you a lot of options, and work just as well as the website in order for placing bets. If you don’t want to clog up your phone’s storage with more apps though, it works just as well on mobile browsers. You’ve got multiple ways of viewing the site, which is great to see.

Sports On Offer

Here’s possibly the most important question: what sports can BetBoro offer you? Take a look at the site, and you’ll see there’s all the favourites that you would expect to see on any betting site. You’ll see football, cricket, golf, rugby, and so on, all available to you to bet on.

What sets BetBoro apart, though, is the fact they have so many niche sports. In fact, they probably have one of the best collections of niche sports around. If you like a sport that isn’t that much in the spotlight, you’ll find it here. There’s water polo, surfing, go, futsal, and of course eSports. Lots of betters have stuck with BetBoro as they can offer a sport that they just can’t bet on anywhere else.

Having so many sports to choose from, you’re never going to be bored at BetBoro. Thanks to the breadth of sports available, there’s always going to be something going on.

The market depth is impressive too, with over 400 markets for football alone. You’ll see plenty of games to bet on and markets to bet in, so you’ll never be at a loss.

Live Betting

Are you the kind of person that likes to get involved in live betting? Then you’ll love the set up at BetBoro. There’s a very professional feeling interface, helping you follow the match as it’s happening. The match graphic gives you updates on what’s happening as it happens, and there are lots of match stats to keep you informed. You can even customise the page to a degree, getting it to display the betting points in a way that suits you.

You’ll also see that there’s a multi view option, allowing you to see what’s going on in different fixtures at the same time. This allows you to place bets on these different fixtures and keep an eye on them both as they happen.

Unlike a lot of betting sites, there’s even live streaming on some events. It gives you the full package, allowing you to check out different matches, bet on them, and watch them happen in real time. There’s even a live event calendar so you can plan out any events that you would like to bet on.

If you’re a live betting fan, you can’t do any better than this site. There’s so much happening, you’ll always be able to find a live event to check out. With live streaming available to, you don’t have to leave the site to see what’s going on.

Payment Options

Are you sold on BetBoro? You’ll need to know how to make deposits and withdraw before you sign up. Are their methods going to work for you?

Take a look at their options, and you’ll see that there’s a good range of payment methods you can use. You can use bank transfers or cards such as Visa or MasterCard, or you can use eWallet options if you prefer. They support PaySafeCard, Skrill, and Neteller. If you’re a user of any of those options, then you’re going to be in luck.

With some of these methods, you’ll see that there’s a very minimal minimum transfer you need to make. With PaySafeCard, for example, you only need to deposit a pound to get started. If you use bank transfer, you don’t have a minimum deposit at all.

Having these options is great, as it allows you to make the right choice when it comes to payment. Some prefer using their bank cards, while some like using an eWallet for security. Whichever method you choose, you’re going to be covered here.

Customer Service

Any good betting service needs to have a good customer service team, who can help out should you ever run into problems. Let’s take a look and see what BetBoro can provide.

Firstly, there’s an online FAQ, allowing you to search for the answer to a question before you need to talk to someone else. This is great to have to hand, especially for new customers who are thinking of signing up. There’s also a live chat function, so if you do need to talk to somebody they’re right there on the website.

A good benefit of the online customer service is that it’s available 24/7. You’ll always be able to get the answers to your question when you need them, so you won’t be at a loss when you’re trying to play. What some people don’t like, though, is the lack of offline customer service. For example, a phone line would be very welcome.

However, BetBoro have been aiming to improve their customer service in recent months. They weren’t originally open 24/7, so this is a step in the right direction. It’s clear that more improvements will come in the future.

Welcome Bonus And Promotions

If you’re convinced and want to sign up with BetBoro, then you’ll be looking to see if they can give you a good welcome bonus. This is something you should look for in most betting sites, as they’re so common. Is there a good bonus for you here?

When you sign up, you’ll see that you can get up to £100 as a bonus if you deposit £10 or more on your first deposit. You’ll get 50% extra on what you deposit, so the more you put into your account better. However, you won’t get anything over £100.

This is a pretty good bonus, and you’re not likely to see anything else quite as generous as this. If you can put a good amount of money in as your first deposit, then you can make a lot on your welcome bonus. Make some savvy bets and you can turn that into winnings in no time.

If you’re an existing customer, you don’t have to miss out on deals either. At the start of every season, BetBoro will give you a free bet campaign. This changes every season so it will be slightly different when you go to check it out. In the past, it’s given you a £50 new season bonus, plus a £5 free bet. It’s a good reason to stick around with BetBoro, as it always has something new to offer you.

These bonuses give you a lot in terms of value, whether you’re a new member or an existing one. They’re certainly better than some others out there, so it’s worth signing up.

Responsible Gambling

Like many other gambling sites at the moment, BetBoro have dedicated themselves to responsible gambling. They have a page you can check out if you’re at all concerned about your spending on the site. The page offers you a step by step guide, that allows you to get to grips with the problem. Firstly, there are some questions for you to answer. If you answer yes to any of them, the site gives you some options.

You can talk to any of the organisations listed, such as GamStop or Gamble Aware, so you can start to deal with the problem. You can also put some limits on the site as well, to control your spending. For example, you can make deposit limits so you only put in so much cash at a time, or self exclude yourself from the site for a set period of time.

There’s also the option for a ‘reality check’. You’ll set a time limit, such as 10 minutes, and then every ten minutes you’ll get a pop up on the site. This asks you if you want to continue playing on the site, and tells you how long you’ve been on there. It’s a good method to remind you of what you’re spending, especially if you tend to get involved as you’re betting.

These options all give you a lot of control over your betting, and help you nip any problems in the bud.


Now that we’ve examined BetBoro in detail, can we recommend them to you? There’s a lot to love about them. Firstly, they offer live streaming, something that you can’t get with a lot of other betting sites. It gives you a lot of options for live betting in general, so it’s a great place to go if you love betting during a game.

The site itself is very well designed. It’s subdued layout and colour palette is very reminiscent of trading, something that many players love. When they log on, they can feel like a professional as they place their bets.

The sports variety and depth is some of the best around. If you’re a niche sports fan, you’re probably going to find it here. There’s not many sites that would offer surfing or futsal as betting options, so many betters like to stay just for that alone.

The payment options are very much varied too, so you’ve got a good choice of which ones you’d like to use. This is helpful when you have a method that you prefer. If you want to use your bank card, or an eWallet option for safety, you are covered here.

When it comes to responsible gaming, there’s lots of very god options here. The site takes you through a check list of identifying the problem, and then giving you the right tools for tackling it. This could be setting limits, excluding yourself from the site, or using ‘reality checks’ as the case may be. Whatever you need, you can get help right there.

There are a couple of small things that we feel could be better about the BetBoro site. For example, the customer service is all online, with no phone or email options for those who would prefer them. However, they have been making changes to it, and you’ll see that they didn’t have a 24/7 service until recently. It’s clear that more improvements are coming in the future.