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Founded in late 2020, Betreels Sports is the sportsbook service provided by the regular Betreels casino under the parent company ProgressPlay. Betreels is a brand that prides themselves on providing ‘a safe, fair, fun, regulated, and secure and enjoyable’ online gambling experience.

When it comes to online gambling, all consumers aim to find a trusted platform in which they can have the assurance of safely betting their money through entirely authorised and encrypted transactions whilst also having the facilities to play their favourite games and bet on top sports.

Yet with the COVID-19 pandemic contributing to a new surge in online gambling conglomerates opening and running more sites and apps under their technology with a different branding, in an attempt to increase traffic to these sites and to increase revenue – it is unsurprising as to why companies such as Ruby Bets and Betreels have been developed so closely together whilst under the same software as the parent company, ProgressPlay.

However, for consumers this generates the worry that the excessive volumes of new sites could cause them to lose out on the best services and deals due to attractive promotions littering the online gambling scene and potentially limiting their ability to deduce what sites are actually reliable and cater for their gambling niches.

When it comes to betting sites, consumers tend to stick with similar sites that are affiliates of their favourite gambling companies or the most trusted ones within the country, as they have familiarity with the level of service provided. However, Betreels Sports has entered the market to try and diversify the betting site market by establishing themselves as a reputable service.

In this article, we will cover various aspects of the Betreels Sports service and assess whether making the switch from your favourite gambling services to an entirely new betting site is a worthy switch for you.

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A New Sportsbook?

Founded in late 2020, Betreels Sports is the sportsbook service provided by the regular Betreels casino under the parent company ProgressPlay. Betreels is a brand that prides themselves on providing ‘a safe, fair, fun, regulated, and secure and enjoyable’ online gambling experience.

Betreels expanded to offer a sportsbook likely to compete effectively against competitor online gambling brands by providing comparable services with incentives to join, such as the limited offer of a free £10 bet after depositing a minimum £10 bet when joining.

However, what is it that sets Betreels Sports apart from other sportsbooks?

What does Betreels Sport Offer?

✅ A huge range of sports.

✅ Live virtual match screen showing the current developments in game.

✅ Advance betting.

✅ Some events are live streamed.

✅ Ability to cash out.

✅ User friendly interface.

✅ Variety of payment options.

❌ Unfamiliar Territory

❌ Restrictions on live streamed events.

❌ Limitations on customer support.

Elaboration on Pros

As mentioned prior, Betreels Sports aims to offer limited incentives to encourage new gamblers to sign up and trial their services when betting upon upcoming matches. However, what other positive differences or incentives does Betreels Sports offer its new users?

Range of Sports

For such a new sportsbook, Betreels sports offers a vast range of potential sports for users to bet on. Ranging from the most popular sports to bet on such as Football and Basketball to less common niches such as virtual sports, League of Legends, amongst an extensive collection of other sports. When joining this sportsbook, it is highly unlikely that you will ever miss out on your favourite sports again.

Virtual Match Screen

Betreels Sports also offers a virtual live match screen. To the left of the homepage where your preferred sports statistics, odds, and scores are displayed; the top live match is displayed to the right of the screen detailing the current status of the match.

For example, during a live football match, the screen will notify betters of any corners, attacks, goals, or penalties as they occur – meaning that you can place bets as the match happens and fully gauge the status of your bet and how likely it is to win in real time without the worry of continuously checking stats on other platforms.

Advance Betting

If the sport or match you intend to bet on is currently not being hosted and is scheduled for a few hours, days, or even weeks following when you intend to place your bet, Betreels Sports caters for this.

With the provision of an accessible search bar, the betting site allows you to search for any upcoming match or game based on the teams or participants so that you can see whether they currently have odds that you can bet on. This accessible feature provides a level of convenience many competitor gambling sites lack in.

Live Streams

Betreels Sports also facilitates for live streamed matches and games, meaning that if the live tab depicting the current status of the match does not suffice for your betting experience, some game providers will allow the matches to be livestreamed on Betreels Sports, so that you can easily access the match as it happening on a platform that allows you to make live bets with a few clicks.

Cash Outs

Players also have the opportunity to easily cash out the earnings of any profitable bets they have made on a broad selection of markets. When profits are able to be cashed out, an icon appears next to a specific sport market (which is based on the sport in which you placed the bet) and this feature allows users to partially or fully cash out their earnings.

Partial essentially means that Betreels Sports offers players who can be given an offer by the company for a cash out payment, whilst the rest of the bet stands in the account until the outcome of the match is known. The cash out amount is dependent on the stake and odds on the bet at the requested cash out time; essentially this feature ensures that a known profit is identified regardless of the match outcome.

User Friendly Interface

Whilst there are realistic pros and cons for Betreels sports, there are also a multitude of redeeming qualities to this new sportsbook such as the platform interface.

Many gambling sites and sportsbooks are an eyesore full of bold promotions left right and centre whilst huddled statistics and confusing categories are thrown in the midst of it all. However, the sleek and inoffensive design ensures that users are aware of exactly where to look for specific services.

The top banner features a rotating slideshow of the latest promotional offers and the top sports seasons currently available to bet on; followed by a centered region in which your preferred sports statistics and odds are presented in an organised table, this can be adjusted due to the headings above this table that change what it is displaying and allows a convenient and accessible experience. To the left there are also widgets displaying the top current live events, and also icons that change the page to suit your specified sport, there is also the previously mentioned search and live stream features here. Whereas on the right side, it is solely the live virtual screen displaying the current changes within the live match, alongside a quick live bet function that allows you to simply click on any odds and place a bet of any specified value.

Fundamentally, Betreels Sports maintains an extremely user friendly and convenience focused layout that ensures that all users are able to quickly get to grips with the software and effectively manage their betting experience.

Variety of Payment Methods

Similar to many competing online gambling sites, Betreels Sports offers an entirely encrypted and secure payment process for users looking to transact money either into or out of their account.

Betreels Sports facilitate transactions and payments made via:

  • Paypal.
  • Trustly.
  • Visa Debits.
  • PayviaPhone.
  • Much Better.
  • Pay Safe Card.
  • Eco Payz.

With such a vast variety of payment methods, Betreels Sports allows a vast majority of users the ability to conveniently pay for their bets and withdraw any earnings. Due to regulatory measures of the various payment types, there are minimum withdrawal or deposit amounts that can vary in terms of when they are taken from or entered into the users account.

However, the general consensus when it comes to making payments through Betreels Sports is that it is simple and efficient.

Elaboration on Cons

When it comes to any new gambling site, there is always foreign territory that might complicate some users gambling experience or raise potential issues. However, how severe are these cons of Betreels Sports?

Unfamiliar Territory

For many gamblers, sticking to the same sites and apps across all of their betting or gameplay experiences is essential to organising their affairs and to avoid overcomplication of an activity that should be treated as a fun recreational way to involve yourself in your favourite sports.

Moving to an entirely new platform with a different interface and operating policy may leave some gamblers confused as to how to use the system and may disrupt their previous gambling portfolios cultivated on other softwares.

Restrictions on Live Streamed Events

Whilst Betreels Sports does advertise sub categories of ‘sports with video’ to show a live streamed match alongside the betting facilities for users, however, this feature is often temerpremental. Due to many TV providers and sports sponsors not providing licensing or permission for some of the biggest sporting events to be shown for free on betting sites, this restricts gamblers who cannot directly access the match or game on their television or mobile phones, leaving them at a standpoint.

However, due to the live virtual match screen, this may prove to be less of an issue than previously anticipated.

Limitations on Customer Support

Similar to many gambling establishments, Betreels Sports provides a 24/7 hotline in which gamblers can easily ring up a call centre employee and request advice or resolutions on their queries. However, unlike some of the top industry giants, Betreels sports does not facilitate email commerce or live chats with trained experts who work for the company to provide immediate solutions for users that are accessible within a few clicks whilst in the midst of gameplay.

This could prove to be an issue for gamblers who tend to rely on advice from live chats or those who encounter problems with the site as they cannot instantaneously receive ingame help or support when placing bets.

The Verdict

Judging from the positives and negatives of Betreels Sports within their first initial year of operating, is that for a budding service they are excelling in terms of competing with other larger gambling conglomerates.

Whilst they are under the software power of ProgressPlay and bare resemblance to other affiliated brands such as Ruby Bet in terms of interface, Betreels Sports provides an extensive amount of services and accessible features that set this sportsbook apart from similar competitors.

The positive aspects of this sportsbook drastically outweigh the negatives due to the way in which the negative aspects, particularly in terms of the platform being unfamiliar territory and the restrictions on live streamed events, as a majority of these issues are easily resolved.

The unfamiliarity of the platform is counteracted by the user friendly interface that is cleary categorised and easy to navigate even for those who are limited on technological knowledge; additionally, the lack of live streamed events is a blow softened by the live virtual match screen that demonstrates the key happenings of the game in real time. Whilst the limited customer service facilities may prove difficult for some users, with the easy to use interface and the clear indications as to how to place bets for live and forthcoming events, seldom will customer service need to be used.

Fundamentally, Betreels Sports shows promise of expanding its services and its reach to a broader demographic of gamblers due to the incentives it provides through promotional activity and the individual services and features. Trialling Betreels Sports is a decision you likely won’t regret, as this is a clear example of what many new online sportsbooks should be aiming to achieve in terms of service, layout, and user friendliness, and it is certain that there will be a niche for every gambler.

So if you haven’t already – try Betreels sports and you won’t regret it.