What is an Accumulator Bet?

Wondering what an accumulator is? This article will discuss what it is and how to use the corresponding calculator.

An accumulator bet must contain a minimum of four selections, with no upper limit. For example, these selections may be a double, treble, four-fold accumulator, five-fold accumulator, or six-fold accumulator, to name a few.

So, you may be wondering why exactly you should place an accumulator bet? Accumulator bets contain a much higher risk than standard, single, win-only bet; however, this does mean the pay-out is much greater.

To win an accumulator bet, at least one of your selections must come through. However, the more selections that win, the greater the pay-out you will receive.

How to Calculate Winnings

Use our Accumulator Calculator to work out your winnings.

What sports are accumulator bets popular with?

Accumulator bets are actually popular among pretty much any sport, if you can bet on, you can more often than not place an accumulator bet. Nevertheless, the most popular sports when placing accumulator bets are sports such as football, rugby, golf, formula one, and horse racing, just to name a few.

With there being a total of up to eight different selections, these bets can often be quite difficult to work out the total winnings and the total profit after placing your initial stake. Therefore, this is where the bet accumulator calculator comes in.

An example of an accumulator bet is placing four different bets with four different selections on a variety of different football games. Your selections, in this instance, is a chosen team, a team to lose, or a draw to take place. If your bets with, this is one selection win – winning you a small percentage of your stake. As previously discussed, the more selections you win, the greater the pay-out you will receive.

How to use the accumulator bet calculator

To use the accumulator bet calculator, first, you need to enter the number of selections you’d like to place – or as offered through your bookmaker. With this calculator, the minimum number of selections is four, and the maximum number of selections is 21. Once you’ve entered the selections, you next need to choose your preferred odds formatting method – this is either fractions, decimals, or American odds (these are provided by your bookmaker).

Finally, once you’ve entered these into the calculator, you will need to enter the odds of each selection into the calculator. If you’re calculating your bet after it has taken place, you can also enter whether the bet was a winner or whether or not it lost. Finally, the calculator will then workout the total return and the total profit for your accumulator bet.

To finish 

Accumulator bets carry a much bigger risk than traditional single bet to win bets; however, this does mean that the pay-out is much greater if all of the accumulator bets are to come through and win. Some of the most popular sports to place accumulator bets on, which may come as no surprise, including football, rugby, formula one, and also horse racing.

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