What is a Goliath Bet?

What it is and how to use the Goliath betting calculator. 

The Goliath bet is just like it sounds, a massive combination of different individual bets – 247 to be exact. These 247 bets are placed across a total of eight different selections. These selections are 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds accumulators, 56-five-fold accumulators, 28 six-fold accumulators, 8 seven-fold accumulators, and 1 eight-fold accumulator.

Placing a single £1 win-only Goliath bet will cost a whopping £247. These bets are not for messing around, with eight different selections you must know what you’re getting yourself into.

If you’re looking to cover more bets while increasing that already ‘goliath’ stake, then there is also the choice of each-way betting. This will further be discussed later in this article.

With there being 247 different bets and eight different selections, it may come as no surprise that trying to work out your total winnings by hand may come across rather challenging. Therefore, this is where the Goliath betting calculator comes in. We will discuss how to use this calculator below.

How to Calculate Winnings

Use our Goliath Bet Calculator to work out your winnings.

How to use the Goliath betting calculator

Okay, so you’ve found your chosen Goliath bet, the selections, and the odds, now you’re wondering how exactly to calculate the total winnings if you placed the bet.

Once you’ve loaded up the Goliath betting calculator, you will need to enter each of the eight selections and the odds for each selection provided by your bookmaker. After you’ve entered the selections, next, you need to enter your desired stake. However, remember that a £1 stake is actually a £247 bet, double that if you’re choosing to go each-way.

Finally, once you’ve selected whether or not the rule of 4 applies, the calculator will then work its magic, calculating the total return and the total profit from your bet.

This is a quick and easy tool to see whether or not a certain bet is worth the risk and worth the money – while also seeing the potential pay-out if the bet is to come through.


Goliath bets and each-way bets

Goliath bets are super popular on sports such as horse racing and rugby, amongst many others. If you’re looking to increase your stake, you can bet each-way. For example, in horse racing, placing an each-way bet allows you to cover the top finishers of the race – expanding on your already given selections.

To win a Goliath bet, you will need to win at least one of the selections provided by your bookmaker. However, if you win more than one of the chosen selections, then this will result in a much higher pay-out than winning a single selection itself.

To summarise

Goliath bets are one of the biggest bets available. Comprising of 247 individual bets, this mammoth wields a high pay-out yet a much higher risk than other much more simple bets such as a Lucky 15. Therefore, we recommend practicing with as low funds as possible before placing big money on the line, so you have at least some idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

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