How Can I Bet Online Using Cash?

Even for the most prolific online bettors in the country, they probably still pop into a physical location from time to time. Whether it’s on the way to a haircut, a dentist appointment, or to the train station after a long day of work, the many apps haven’t completely sunk high street bookmakers. When out for the afternoon with a group of friends, perhaps the mobile phone runs out of battery or you can’t get a signal, having a bookmaker on the high street allows us to run in and quickly place a bet with cash.

To make the transition between the offline and online worlds seamless, many leading bookmakers are now offering players the opportunity to link these two betting experiences. Rather than using a card or eWallet on a website or app, the idea is to give players a cash card that they can use for both online and offline betting.

How Do Cash Cards Work?

For some players, they want to bet online without having to link a bank account and enter their details on a website or app. With a cash card, you can top up the next time you’re in the high street shop and use this to fund your online experience. There’s no going through banks, no entering personal details online, just topping up the cash card with cash whenever you’re in the physical shop.

If all goes well and your bets are successful, it gets even better because you can actually pick up your winnings in cash too. If an online bet wins, head into the bookies, pick up your cash and walk away happy. Of course, you’re also welcome to load some of the winnings back into the cash card for future betting experiences.

With the majority of platforms, the cash card will work for sports betting, casino, bingo, and other games on the website.

Why Use Cash?

At this point, we know that some people will be wondering why they should use cash in the first place? Why go to all this effort when you can just link bank details to an online account? For one thing, some people just don’t want to have betting transactions showing on their bank statement. Especially when accounts have shared access, it’s easier to keep your betting escapades away from bank accounts. While on this note, some people don’t have bank accounts at all because they don’t trust banks. If you’re in this group, why should you miss out on the online betting excitement just because you don’t have a bank account?

In recent times, gambling addiction has been a growing problem and some players like to bet with cash because it allows a greater level of control over the experience. Rather than linking a bank account and being able to deposit at all hours in the day, you only pay with an amount of cash you deem acceptable each time.

Also, let’s not forget that some older bettors are accustomed to a world where cash betting is normal. We have lots of apps and websites now, but online betting wasn’t really a thing even as recently as the 1990s. For those who have enjoyed a lifetime of cash betting, they might want to continue paying this way (even if they now use websites and apps to place bets).

Examples of Cash Cards

Coral Connect – Available across over 1,800 shops, Coral Connect allows you to deposit a maximum of £5,500 per day while withdrawing £500 per day. If you have more to withdraw, place a request and they may make arrangements for it. As well as using the card to place bets online and in-store, Coral Connect provides access to special offers. If your card is lost or stolen, don’t worry because deposits and withdrawals are only authorised with a 4-digit PIN.

William Hill Plus Card – Again, William Hill chooses a PIN system to keep the card secure. This time, however, the daily limits are set to £1,000 for deposits and £750 for withdrawals. One advantage of choosing William Hill is the Self-Service Betting Terminals. Located in the 2,300 stores across the country, you can take advantage of the cash-out feature (not normally an option with offline bets!).

Ladbrokes The Grid – Instead of a PIN, Ladbrokes has adopted a fob system with their own cash card. As long as you deposit at least £1, it’s easy to get started. Meanwhile, withdrawals are capped at £1,000 per day. Using a Grid account, you can track bets, live stream, check stats, and do lots more besides. After generating your own bets on the app, Ladbrokes provide a barcode to be scanned in-store.

Paddy Power Cash Card – As perhaps the simplest cash card in this list, deposits and withdrawals both start at £1. At the other end, withdrawals are capped at £1,000 and deposits at £2,500. After choosing a PIN code, you’ll need to take a photo ID with you for the first deposit. If you want to go one step further, get a PPlus MasterCard and you can buy things from supermarkets and online marketplaces such as Amazon at the same time. Even at ATMs, this cash card allows you to withdraw cash. You can also deposit into a Betfair account using a Paddy Power shop.

Other useful cash cards include:

  • BoyleSports – BoyleXtra
  • Betfair – Paddy Power Cash Card (part of the same ownership group)
  • Betfred – Cash in Store scheme

paysafecard – Before moving on, we should also mention paysafecard because this is another way to pay with cash. For the betting websites that don’t have a physical store, we advise using voucher systems and pre-paid cards; paysafecard is one of the best around at the moment. When in the high street, look for the PayPoint symbol. These days, you should find it in corner shops, post offices, and some newsagents. If a shop has this symbol, it means you can top up your paysafecard and other cash cards. From here, you can use this card to top up your online betting account.

Important Considerations for Cash Betting

We’ve seen the positives of using a cash card and cash, in general, to pay for bets, but there are also important considerations to remember. For example, carrying cash to the high street store has its dangers. If it’s stolen on the way, you won’t ever get this money back. If you lose the card, there’s also a risk of losing funds. In this respect, it’s easier and safer just to transfer funds from a bank account to an online betting account.

If you do happen to lose your paysafecard or a voucher of this type, get in contact with them as soon as possible to cancel the card. From here, you should get sent a new one quite quickly.

Although rare, we also need to consider the possibility of charges. With foreign exchange withdrawals and other transactions, there may be a small charge attached; read the small print before using a particular cash card. Also, some operators don’t have paysafecard as a withdrawal option. For operators without a physical location, you will need to register a debit card and wait for withdrawal.

Lastly, don’t forget that withdrawal and deposit limits exist (at both ends). While high rollers can’t withdrawal more than £500 with some operators, casual players may need to deposit at least £10 to get started.

Should You Try a Cash Card Scheme?

Ultimately, whether or not you try a cash card depends on how you like to fund your accounts. If you don’t go into high street bookies and don’t even know where your closest one is, a cash card probably isn’t worthwhile. If you’re constantly betting both offline and online, a cash card might make everything easier. On the other hand, those who are happy to transfer funds from a debit card or eWallet won’t need a cash card. Think about your betting habits and whether a cash card would benefit you.

If you have bank details linked to all sorts of online accounts and don’t want another one, cash cards offer tremendous value because you can place bets offline and online, deposit, and withdraw with cash. You will still need to verify your age, address, and identity, but everything is based around cash.

Which Service Should You Choose?

This is the all-important question, and it’s not something we can answer. All of the schemes we’ve mentioned today have value and they all come from reliable providers. The scheme you choose depends on your minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal requirements, the stores you have nearby, and where you like to spend money. There’s little point choosing one service over another if they don’t have the sports you like. When you consider all these different factors, you can then choose one that meets your needs.

If you like to spend money on sports betting, bingo, and games, make sure your chosen service offers all three!

Carl Hughes - Editor

Carl Hughes is a leading expert on sports and casino betting. Carl began his career with a BSc in Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences from the University of Birmingham before working within the industry for some of the bigger names (GVC and Bet365) and has been praised as being "a leading sports betting commentator".