What is a Lucky 63 Bet?

Everything you need to know about the Lucky 63 betting calculator.

A Lucky 63 bet consists of placing 63 individual bets on a total of six different selections. These selections are as follows: 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-fold accumulators, 6 five-fold accumulators, 6 five-fold accumulators, and 1 six-fold accumulator.

A common misconception with Lucky 63 bets is the stake of the bet. Since there are technically sixty-three individual bets being placed, an initial stake of £1 is actual £63. This is because you must bet equal amounts on each of the sixty-three bets.

Since there are so many different selections and individual bets available, it can often be challenging to work out the total winnings – before placing the bet. This is where the betting calculator comes in.

How to Calculate Winnings

Use our Lucky 63 Bet Calculator to work out your winnings.

How to use the Lucky 63 betting calculator

To use the Luck 63 betting calculator, first, you must enter your stake. Remember, for every £1 stake, this equals £63 to cover each individual bet. Following this, you must next select your preferred odds formation (fractions, decimal, or American), whether or not you’d like your bet to be each, and finally, if Rule 4 applies or not. Finally, you will need to enter the odds for each individual selection – there is a total of six.

Once all of these sections of the Lucky 63 betting calculator are filled, this will then calculate the total predicted stake, total return, and the total profit from your Lucky 63 bet.

Can you bet each-way with a Lucy 63 bet?

A lot of customers tend to think you cannot bet each-way on a Lucky 63 bet – perhaps because of the high number of individual bets and selections. In fact, each-way bets are super popular for Lucky 15, 31, and 63 bets, especially in horse racing and formula one.

However, remember that with an each-way bet, this will double your stake. Say, for instance,, you initially place a £1 bet a Lucky 63, this would be a total of £63 on your bet. If instead, you are betting each-way, this would be £126 with your bet covering more than one finishing position in sports such as horse racing and the formula one.

Lucky 63 bets

Lucky sixty-three bets are a lot more difficult to win than a Lucky 15, 31, and other traditional bets. However, this does mean that the pay-out can be much higher. Before betting large amounts on a Lucky 63 we suggest choosing a sport you are both familiar and knowledgeable with, and then spend as little money as possible testing out Lucky 63 bets.

It’s much better to understand the Lucky 63 then blow all of your money too soon, and have no currency left to bet with.

To finish 

The Lucky 63 bet is a popular bet which can also be placed each-way; this is something not many people know about. If betting each-way, we suggest betting on the horse racing or the formula one, these both offer great odds and are both entertaining to watch.

Carl Hughes - Editor

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