What is a Patent Bet?

Everything you need to know about patent bets and the corresponding bet calculator.

Patent bets are prevalent among horse racing. When a customer places a patent bet, they are placing seven individual bets on a total of three different selections. These selections are three singles, three doubles, and an individual treble.

To calculate your total winnings on a patent bet is dependant on the total number of selections that you can win, along with each individual odds for each selection. In order to win a patent bet, only one selection actually needs to win. However, more than one selection can win. The more selections that win, the greater the total pay-out for the customer.

With there being a total of seven individual bets on three different selections, it can often be fairly challenging trying to work out the total estimated winnings before placing your bet. This is where the Patent bet calculator comes in.

How to Calculate Winnings

Use our Patent Bet Calculator to work out your winnings.

How to use the Patent bet calculator 

To use the patent bet calculator, first, you are required to enter your stake. Remember that for every £1 you are placing a £7 bet as there is a total of seven individual bets involved in a Patent. Once you’ve entered your total stake, you are then required to choose your preferred odds format (fractions, decimals, or American), whether or not you would like your bet to be an each-way bet, and finally whether or not you are including Rule 4.

The final step to calculating your Patent bet is entering each individual odds of the three selections. Once these are entered, the Patent bet calculator will calculate the total stake, total return, and total profit if these bets were to win.

Using the Patent bet calculator before placing your bet is a great way to view estimated winnings while judging whether or not the bet is worth it.

Can you make an each-way bet with a Patent bet? 

Yes, you can. However, do remember that when placing an each-way bet with a patent bet, you will then be placing a total of fourteen bets instead of seven. This, too, will double your initial stake. For example, let’s say you have £1 on a Patent bet, this would be a total of £7. However, if betting each-way, this would be a total of £14 with £2 on each individual bet.

In fact, each-way bets on a Patent are popular among horse racing. Users are able to back multiple horses on a total of fourteen different bets covering different races and different horses to finish in the top three to six horses – depending on how big the race is.

The bottom line 

Patent bets are much more difficult than a traditional single bet to win. However, not quite as difficult as bets such as a Lucky 63. To easily work out your total winnings, stake, and profit on a Patent bet, we suggest using the Patent bet calculator provided.

Finally, if you’re looking to make serious money, we recommend going each-way on the horses, preferably when you have some knowledge of how best to bet on the horses themselves – e.g., age and size.

Carl Hughes - Editor

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