What is a Trixie Bet?

This article will discuss what a Trixie bet is and how to use the Trixie bet calculator provided.

A Trixie bet is a popular bet across a wide variety of sports. From boxing to formula one and of course, horse racing, Trixie bets are placed thousands of times each day. A Trixie bet consists of a total of four different bets spanning across three different selections. These selections are 3 doubles and one treble.

A common miss-conception with Trixie bets is that the bet itself will follow traditional staking odds. To provide an example of this, a £1 bet to win-only would cost a total of £4 as there is a total of four individual bets.

To win a Trixie bet, you must win a minimum of one of the selections in which you have a bet. However, this is not exclusive to one individual selection. In fact, the more selections you win, the greater the total pay-out from the bet.

How to Calculate Winnings

Use our Trixie Bet Calculator to work out your winnings.

How do you calculate your total Trixie bet winnings?

This is where the Trixie bet calculator comes in. As there are four different bets across three different selections, this can be rather challenging to calculate by hand.

To use the Trixie bet calculator, first, you must enter your chosen stake – this is how much you’d like to place on the Trixie bet. However, please do remember that with there being four individual bets, your stake will be multiplied by four. Therefore, if your stake is £1, this actually means £1 per individual bet.

Next, you will need to enter the odds format provided by your bookmaker. More often than not, these will be in either fractions or decimals. However, some American sites do use American odds. Once your chosen odds format is inputted, you then need to decide whether or not to bet each-way, and whether or not the rule of 4 applies to your bet.

Now it’s time for the final step. This is where you enter the odds for your selections. These are provided by the bookmaker and are out of your control. Once you’ve completed all sections of the Trixie bet calculator, the calculator will then calculate the bet totals. These are a stake, return, and profit.

Trixie bets and each-way betting 

As mentioned previously, Trixie bets can pay-out big but are more difficult to win on. One way to win slightly less but improve your chances of winning is each-way bets.

However, many people believe that each-bets are not available on Trixie bets as there is a total of four individual bets. This is not true. We actually suggest placing an each-way bet on Trixie bets; this allows you to cover more ground with a higher chance of either winning outright or winning your money back.

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