What is a Yankee Bet?

Everything you need to know about the Yankee bet and the Yankee bet calculator.

Yankee bets are prevalent in the sports world, especially when betting on events such as the boxing day horse racing. A Yankee bet consists of a total of eleven individual bets on a total of four different selections. These selections are 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a four-fold accumulator.

With there being a total of eleven individual bets across four different selections, this provides a great scope to win big. However, this does, therefore, mean it is much more difficult for the bet to come through. With that being said, it certainly is not impossible. Many individuals each and everyday place and win on Yankee bets.

These bets are best placed on sports where the user, as great knowledge, has a good idea of who is going to win and, most importantly, knows what to look out for. A great example of this is horse racing – one of the more popular sports which all types of bets are placed on.

  How to Calculate Winnings

Use our Yankee Bet Calculator to work out your winnings.

How to use the Yankee bet, betting calculator 

With there being a total of eleven individual bets spanning across four different selections, this can, therefore, be rather tricky to work out the total winnings – if the bet is to come through, that is.

This is where the Yankee bet, betting calculator comes in

 To use the calculator, first, enter the stake in which you wish to place. However, do remember that for every £1, you bet this is equal to £11 as you are actually betting on a total of eleven individual bets. Once you’ve placed your desired stake, next enter the odds in which the bookmaker have provided – these may be in either fractions, decimal, or in some cases American format. Next, decide whether or not you’d like to place your bet each-way, this is popular for sports such as horse racing. Finally, you must choose whether or not the Rule of 4 applies to your bet.

Once these betting options are logged into the calculator, it’s time for the final step. You must then enter the odds for each of the four selections of the bet. These can be found from your bookmaker.

Yankee bets and each-way betting 

Yankee bets are much more challenging to win than traditional bets. However, this does not go to say you should shy away from using them. If done right, Yankee bets can actually be super beneficial.

Personally, we suggest placing Yankee bets both normally and each-way. However, if you are placing an each-way bet, it is important to remember that this would double your initial stake. For example, let’s say your initial stake was £1 on each of the eleven bets, this would be a total of £11 for a traditional Yankee bet. For an each-way bet, then, this would double the stake, and the new bet would then be for £22.

Placing each-way Yankee bets with traditional Yankee bets can be a great way to spread your funds while making some serious money – we suggest covering different selections on the horse racing.

Carl Hughes - Editor

Carl Hughes is a leading expert on sports and casino betting. Carl began his career with a BSc in Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences from the University of Birmingham before working within the industry for some of the bigger names (GVC and Bet365) and has been praised as being "a leading sports betting commentator".