QuinnBet Partners with The Curragh A Thrilling Collaboration Bringing New Races and Excitement to the Betting Site


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Updated:June 9, 2023

QuinnBet, a leading online sports betting and casino platform in the UK and Ireland, has recently announced an exciting partnership with The Curragh horseracing event. This collaboration between QuinnBet and The Curragh is set to bring forth a range of thrilling additions to the racing experience for fans of the popular Quinnbet bookmaker.

One of the key highlights of this partnership is the introduction of three new races sponsored by QuinnBet. These races will not only provide a fresh and captivating experience for racing enthusiasts but also offer an opportunity for the winning horses to earn cash prizes, making it even more enticing for bettors on the QuinnBet platform. The cash prize will be shared among the hardworking staff members associated with each winning horse.

This unique endeavour not only serves to promote the beloved sport but also pays homage to the passionate individuals who contribute wholeheartedly to the triumph of the racing industry. And with QuinnBet’s involvement, fans can now engage with their favourite betting site while enjoying the exhilaration of horseracing at The Curragh.

In order to determine the ultimate victor in these races, points will be allocated based on the placements of the top five contenders. This scoring mechanism injects a captivating element of strategy and competition, heightening the excitement for participants, spectators, and bettors alike, and making the races an exhilarating affair for QuinnBet users.

In addition to the cash prizes for the winning horses, QuinnBet will also present prizes to the groom in charge of the victorious horse in each of the three new races. This gesture acknowledges the essential role played by the grooms in ensuring the well-being and performance of the horses, further highlighting the mutual respect between QuinnBet and the racing industry.

Stephen Kelly, Director of QuinnBet, expressed his delight about this partnership and the opportunities it brings for the brand, including the chance to engage with bettors on their platform. He emphasized QuinnBet’s commitment to horse racing in Ireland and the significance of this sponsorship in raising the profile of their platform as a prominent betting site. This partnership serves as a major platform for QuinnBet to showcase its dedication to the sport and connect with racing enthusiasts who enjoy betting on their site.

The first of the three new races sponsored by QuinnBet is scheduled to take place on the second day of the Juddmonte Irish Oaks Weekend on July 23rd. The second race will be held on August 12th, followed by the third race on October 7th.

Evan Arkwright, Racing and Sponsorship Manager for The Curragh expressed gratitude towards QuinnBet for their sponsorship and emphasized the positive impact this collaboration will have on The Curragh and Irish racing as a whole.

Arkwright highlighted that the association of QuinnBet’s brand with these competitive races will provide them with maximum exposure across the three individual race days, enticing more bettors to join the QuinnBet platform. This partnership aims to capitalize on the strengths of both parties, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship for QuinnBet and The Curragh.

Overall, the partnership between QuinnBet, the leading betting site, and The Curragh is set to enhance the horseracing experience in Ireland. With the introduction of three new races and the provision of cash prizes for winning horses, QuinnBet is demonstrating its commitment to the sport and its appreciation for the individuals involved, while also offering an exciting opportunity for bettors on their platform.

As these races unfold, racing enthusiasts and bettors can look forward to witnessing thrilling competitions and experiencing the excitement that QuinnBet, the popular betting site, and The Curragh bring to the world of horseracing.

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