Real Time Soccer Earnings

⌛Figures & Rankings Last updated: June 27th 2020
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  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Real MadridJuventus

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Real Madrid Portugal Age: 35

    Total:105 Million

    Salary & Bonus:60 Million

    Endorsements:45 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Altice, DAZN, Herbalife, MTG, Nike, Unilever

  • Lionel Messi

    BarcelonaFC Barcelona

    Lionel Messi

    Barcelona Argentina Age: 33

    Total:104 Million

    Salary & Bonus:72 Million

    Endorsements:32 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Adidas, Gatorade, Huawei, Mastercard, Pepsi

  • Neymar, Jr

    Paris Saint GermainParis Saint Germain

    Neymar, Jr

    Paris Saint Germain Brazil Age: 28

    Total:95.5 Million

    Salary & Bonus:70 Million

    Endorsements:25.5 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Beats Electronics, DAZN, Electronic Arts, Gillette, Mastercard, Nike, Red Bull, TCL

  • Mohamed Salah


    Mohamed Salah

    Liverpool Egypt Age: 28

    Total:35.5 Million

    Salary & Bonus:23.1 Million

    Endorsements:12 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Adidas, DHL International, Electronic Arts, ExxonMobil, Vodafone-USD

  • Kylian Mbappé

    Paris Saint-GermainParis Saint-Germain

    Kylian Mbappé

    Paris Saint-Germain France Age: 21

    Total:33.8 Million

    Salary & Bonus:20.8 Million

    Endorsements:13 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Electronic Arts, Hublot, Nike

  • Andrés Iniesta

    Vissel KobeVissel Kobe

    Andrés Iniesta

    Vissel Kobe Spain Age: 36

    Total:29.6 Million

    Salary & Bonus:26.6 Million

    Endorsements:3 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Asics, Mikakus

  • Mesut Özil


    Mesut Özil

    Arsenal Germany Age: 31

    Total:28.7 Million

    Salary & Bonus:23.2 Million

    Endorsements:5.5 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Adidas, Beats Electronics, Mercedes-Benz

  • Paul Pogba

    Manchester UnitedManchester United

    Paul Pogba

    Real Madrid wales Age: 27

    Total:28.5 Million

    Salary & Bonus:23 Million

    Endorsements:5.5 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Adidas, PepsiCo

  • Oscar

    Shanghai SIPGShanghai SIPG


    Shanghai SIPG Brazil Age: 28

    Total:27.5 Million

    Salary & Bonus:25.8 Million

    Endorsements:2.2 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Adidas

  • Antoine Griezmann


    Antoine Griezmann

    Barcelona France Age: 29

    Total:26.7 Million

    Salary & Bonus:21.2 Million

    Endorsements:5.5 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Huawei, Puma

  • David De Gea

    Manchester UnitedManchester United

    David De Gea

    Manchester United spain Age: 29

    Total:25.7 Million

    Salary & Bonus:22.7 Million

    Endorsements:3 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Adidas, PepsiCo

  • Alexis Sánchez

    Manchester UnitedManchester United

    Alexis Sánchez

    Manchester United Chile Age: 31

    Total:25.6 Million

    Salary & Bonus:24.6 Million

    Endorsements:1 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Nike

  • Gareth Bale

    Real MadridReal Madrid

    Gareth Bale

    Real Madrid Wales Age: 30

    Total:25.2 Million

    Salary & Bonus:19.7 Million

    Endorsements:5.5 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Adidas

  • Sergio Ramos

    Real MadridReal Madrid

    Sergio Ramos

    Real Madrid Spain Age: 31

    Total:21.8 Million

    Salary & Bonus:18.8 Million

    Endorsements:3 Million

    Largest Sponsors/Partners: Anheuser Busch InBev, Nike

  • Thiago Silva

    Paris Saint-GermainParis Saint-Germain

    Thiago Silva

    Paris Saint-Germain Brazil Age: 35

    Yearly salary & bonus:21.5 Million

    Sponsor: Nike

  • Graziano Pelle

    Shandong LunengShandong Luneng

    Graziano Pelle

    Shandong Luneng Italy Age: 34

    Yearly salary & bonus:20.7 Million

    Sponsor: Nike

  • Luis Suárez


    Luis Suárez

    Barcelona Uruguay Age: 33

    Yearly salary & bonus:20 Million

    Sponsor: Adidas, Gatorade

  • Gerard Piqué


    Gerard Piqué

    Barcelona Spain Age: 33

    Yearly salary & bonus:17.7 Million

    Sponsor: Nike

  • Sergio Agüero

    Manchester CityManchester City

    Sergio Agüero

    Manchester City Argentina Age: 31

    Yearly salary & bonus:17.1 Million

    Sponsors: PepsiCo, Puma

  • James Rodríguez

    Real MadridReal Madrid

    James Rodríguez

    Real Madrid Colombia Age: 28

    Yearly salary & bonus:15 Million

    Sponsors: Huawei Technologies, Calvin Klein, Adidas

*figures on endorsements were not available for positions 16-20.

The World’s Top 20 Soccer Earners

The World’s Top 20 Football Earners

While many believe that the quantity that footballers earn is grotesque and excessive, it is in fact logical when considering all the revenue they produce for their clubs and sponsors. They earn the money they earn because by simply associating with brands, the brands become instantly more valuable as well as what they can produce on the pitch for hundreds of millions of fans, if not billions, to enjoy. Have Ronaldo and Messi maintained their hold on the top two spots despite their age? Do Spain still dominate in terms of most players on the list? Let’s go through the list.

1)  Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is an iconic figure in world football. Whether adored or hated for his confidence, what is undeniable is his talent on the pitch and he has made his very name, CR7, iconic by itself. Third on the list for salary and bonuses with a considerable sum of $60 million, he dwarfs everyone else for endorsements, being partnered with Altice, DAZN, Herbalife, MTG, Nike and Unilever for a staggering total of $45 million.

2)  Lionel Messi

The diminutive Argentinian wizard was developed at Barcelona’s academy La Masia and has thanked the club for this by staying loyal to the Spanish giants his entire career. Although he lacks Ronaldo’s physicality, he more than makes up for it with technical ability, dribbling skill and creativity on and off the ball. He leads the rankings for salary with $72 million and his partnerships with Adidas, Gatorade, Huawei, Mastercard and Pepsi earnt him $32 million between June 2019 and June 2020.

3)  Neymar

Wanting to escape Messi’s shadow, Neymar moved to PSG in 2017 in a move that many criticised, saying that the French league was below his standards. However, if the move was financially motivated then it can not be criticised, netting him $70 million in salary and bonuses and $25.5 million in endorsements, partnering with a long list of internationally renowned companies such as EA and Nike.

4)  Mohammed Salah

The humble Egyptian is absolutely adored by Liverpool fans and has helped to deliver a first ever Premier League title to Anfield. He has been directly linked to declining Islamophobia in Liverpool, and few Scousers would begrudge him his salary of $20.8 million. He also has a long list of sponsors: Adidas, DHL International, EA, ExxonMobil and Vodafone-USD.

5)  Kyllian Mbappe

Mbappe burst onto the scene with AS Monaco and then transferred to PSG. He has massively impressed for them as well as for France including Man of the Match performances on their journey to World Cup victory. He earnt a little over $20 million from PSG and $13 million in his sponsorships with EA, Hublot and Nike.

6)  Andres Iniesta

A Barcelona legend, Iniesta moved to Vissel Kobe and this move was justified by his $26.6 million salary, the fourth biggest in the world. He still earned an impressive $3 million in his partnerships with Asics and Mikakus.

7)  Mesut Özil

Although his move to Arsenal has not proven as successful as many fans hoped, his salary is explained by his potential, as many players point to him as the best player they have ever played with. He earns a whopping $23.2 million a year and his personal team has done well to secure him lucrative partnerships with Adidas, Beats Electronics and Mercedes-Benz worth $5.5 million.

8)  Paul Pogba

The Frenchman has not always delivered for Manchester United, but like Özil the talent is unquestionably there. A very charismatic figure, it is no surprise he has netted $5.5 million in endorsements thanks to Adidas and Pepsico as well as the $23 million United paid him.

9)  Oscar

Many football fans may have assumed Oscar retired, but he is plying his trade in the Chinese League for an unbelievable salary of $25.8 million. Sponsorship by Adidas meant he earned an extra $2.2 million.

10) Antoine Griezmann

Having moved to Barcelona from Atletico Madrid, some fans believe that Messi and other players have been slightly snubbing him, but that should not bother the Frenchman who earnt $21.2 million thanks to his salary and $5.5 millions thanks to Huawei and Puma.

11) David De Gea

Spain and Manchester United’s starting goalkeeper, De Gea, like his United teammate Pogba, is sponsored by Adidas and Pepsico. This earnt him $3 million on top of the $22.7 million he was paid by his club.

12) Alexis Sanchez

Next on the list is the Chilean who has fallen out of favour with Manchester United and moved on loan to Inter Milan. Despite this, he still earns $24.6 million thanks to his wages, which means he is sixth on world earnings if endorsements did not come into play. He comparatively earns very little from these endorsements, with his only partner being Nike, netting him $1 million.

13)  Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale’s salary, worth $19.7 million a year, will undoubtedly anger many Madrid fans, after he unfurled a Welsh flag that had “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order” written on it. Whatever you think of his attitude, Bale definitely has the physicality and ability of a top-class player, and his endorsements of a value of $5.5 million reflect this, despite being partnered only by Adidas.

13) Sergio Ramos

Spain and Real Madrid’s controversial centre back has been at the top of his level for over a decade, and his position on this list is a lot more justifiable than players like Ozil and Oscar. A core part of Madrid winning three Champions Leagues in a row, he earns $18.8 million from his salary as well as $3 million from his partnerships with Anheuser Busch InBev and Nike.

14) Thiago Silva

It was recently announced that Thiago Silva will be released at the end of his contract, but the Brazilian has been a loyal servant to PSG, and his salary of $21.5 million is understandable, especially from a club for which money doesn’t seem to be a problem. The thirty-five year old is sponsored by Nike.

15) Grazziano Pelle

When looking at his career path, it is frankly impressive that Grazziano Pelle is anywhere near this list, let alone sixteenth. He has not played for any of the biggest teams in the world, with highlights coming at Southampton and AZ Alkmaar but he still managed to earn $20.7 million from his Chinese club, Shandong Luneng.

17) Luis Suarez

Discovered by the Dutch team Groningen, Suarez has consistently provided two things throughout his career: quality football and controversy. For every scandal he has been involved in, including biting three separate players, the Uruguayan has provided crucial goals for his teams, so his $20 million salary is reasonable. He is partnered with Adidas and Gatorade.

18) Gérard Piqué

A staple in Barcelona’s defence since his partnership with Carlos Puyol, Piqué has earnt his salary of $17.7 million by consistent defensive performances and calmness on the ball. He is the typical Barcelona defender and is sponsored by Nike.

19) Sergio Aguero

Aguero’s future is uncertain, however it is certain that he has been a massive contributing factor of Manchester City’s success in the last decade. Absolutely lethal in the box, Aguero rarely misses the target so it is no surprise that he is on this list, paid $17.1 million yearly by his club. He is sponsored by PepsiCo and Puma.

20) James Rodriguez

Another player on the list who has not delivered despite the great expectations put on his back, James has not been able to regain the form he had at the 2014 World Cup. Despite being 28 years old, only two players, Mbappe and Pogba, are younger than him on this list. He is partnered with Huawei Technologies, Calvin Klein and Adidas and earns $15 million from Real Madrid every year.


This list features many surprising players such as Grazziano Pelle and James Rodriguez, and some of the world’s top performers have been left out, such as Kevin de Bruyne and Bernardo Silva. Paying the salary does not guarantee performances as Özil and Pogba have proven but they continue to feature every year on this list.

Seven of the players feature for Real Madrid and Barcelona, with a further five who spent a stint at one of these two clubs, putting Spain at the top of the list for domestic leagues once again. The Premier League comes in second with six players, with Manchester United paying half of these players wages.

Surprisingly, considering the competitiveness of the league, no Bundesliga player appears on the list. It will be very interesting to see whether this remains the case in five years, or even in just one year, as some of the most exciting players currently play there, such as Jadon Sancho and Erling Braut Håland.

Surely, Ronaldo’s and Messi’s stronghold on the top two spots can not last long, and Neymar and Mbappe will be hoping to dethrone one, if not both of them in the next few years.



The data found on this page was gathered from sources around the web, statistics used are based on yearly reported earnings and are averaged down to a per second figures. As a result these are accurate approximations of real time growth. Last updated: June 2020.