Things to avoid when gambling

If you’re a keen gambler, you’ll want to maximise your chances of winning every single time you have a flutter. Whilst there is no tried and tested method of ensuring you win each time, whether using an online casino or a bricks and mortar casino in town, there are things that can affect your performance. You may not believe it, but things like changing your diet, getting agitated, getting amorous with your partner, and much more besides, can all potentially affect your gambling experience and performance. Here’s a more detailed and expanded look at what we mean.

Stay away from alcohol while gambling


When we say drinking, we are of course referring to the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol causes you to lose your inhibitions, which in turn could result in you making reckless decisions. When gambling, you need to weigh up the pros and cons and plan each move you make accordingly. If you’re under the influence of alcohol you won’t be able to think clearly and you could potentially lose a lot of money. Drinking water however is generally fine because hydration has been linked with improved cognitive function. Just don’t drink too much water or else you’ll be up and down going to the bathroom every few minutes, instead of hopefully winning some money.


We all grow tired from time to time, some of us more commonly than others. When you’re tired, do you want to sit down and concentrate on a game that you’re not really enjoying, or would you rather lay on the sofa or go to sleep? When gambling, you need to be alert and you need to be mentally sharp. If you are tired in an evening, don’t drink coffee or caffeine to perk you up, instead, get an early night and pick things up the next day when you’re well rested.

Junk food

Okay, so you’ve been at work all day, you’re tired, you’re hungry, and you want to relax and unwind by doing a bit of online gambling. Instead of cooking, you order a pizza, fill yourself up and then chug down a bottle of cola and something sweet for dessert. By now you’ll feel like a sluggish bloated mess and your head will be all over the place. Instead of focussing on what the online casino dealer and your opponents are doing, all you can think about is how awful you feel. Junk food makes you feel like, well, junk. It also hinders cognitive performance. If your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders, neither will you be. Instead, try to eat fresh, healthy, wholesome, natural foods with the occasional treat thrown in for good measure.


No, really, we aren’t making this up. Studies have found that sex before an athletic event can hinder athletic performance and cognitive function. While online casino gambling isn’t athletic, you do need to ensure that your brain is working to the best of its potential. When you’re gambling, you need to be focussed mentally, rather than having your mind racing back to your saucy encounter not too long ago.