Three days of sporting fixtures

The weekend is here again, and for many football fans, it is a great time to sit down, relax, turn on the telly, and get the games viewing started. Whatever your interests, there’s sure to be something you can enjoy over the weekend.

Friday Viewing

A good weekend of football starts on a Friday evening. After a long week what better way to relax, and maybe socialise than to watch a game or two. Whether you’re watching alone, or with friends, here’s a few fixtures you might care to see.

French Ligue 1

An interesting Friday match would be Olympic Lyonnais vs Dijon at 8pm. It’s the first Ligue 1 game for Olympic Lyonnais this season, so it’s all to play for, for them. 

Dijon is not in such a fortunate position, as they are currently third from last in the table after losing with a 1 goal difference, only ahead of Strasbourg and Brest, who lost their first matches by a 2 and 4 goal difference respectively.

Friendly Matches

If you want to watch a few more casual matches, there’s also a few different friendly matches available to watch throughout the day.

Borussia Dortmund is playing Paderborn, Fenerbache is playing Alanyaspoor and Hamburg is playing Feyenoord in the early evening. Later on, Borussia Dortmund is also playing Bochum, so you have plenty of choice.

Saturday Viewing

Many of you will be free most of, if not all of Saturday, so that leaves plenty of time to spend watching the footy. Helping your choice in the matter, there is plenty of good viewing this week.

French Ligue 1

Ligue 1 viewers will not be disappointed in the Saturday selection of matches. Saturday viewing kicks off with Rennes vs Montpellier at 4pm.

It is the first match for Montpellier, so they have a chance to start off well. It is the second match for Rennes, who drew with Lille last Saturday.

The second match taking place on Saturday is Strasbourg vs Nice at 8pm.

 Nice already is doing well, as they are currently in 3rd place, having won their last match against RC Lens 2-1, this match should prove a big challenge for Strasbourg, who are currently in second last place after their 3-1 defeat at the hands of Loriens.

Friendly Matches

If you’d rather watch a friendly match then you’re also in luck, there are several on throughout the course of the day.

Starting off the day, there’s Hertha Berlin Vs PSV Eindhoven at 2pm. An hour after that at 3pm Tottenham Hotspur are playing Birmingham city.

At 4pm there’s a couple of friendly matches to choose between. You could either watch Hertha berlin vs PSV Eindhoven again, or go for Samsunspor vs Trabsonspor. The last match kicks off at 6pm with Ajax vs Eintracht Frankfurt.

Sunday Viewing

On Sunday, the weekend is nearly over, but there’s still normally not much on, luckily there’s still time to watch the last few matches before you go back to work on the Monday. Fortunately, there’s plenty on, so your Sunday can be far from boring.

French Ligue 1

If you are keeping up with Ligue 1, you’ll be looking forward to all of the matches that will be taking place over most of the day on Sunday.

The day starts off with Reims vs Lille at 12pm. Both teams drew their last match, Reims vs Monaco and Lille vs Rennes, so they’re currently neck and neck in the table. That could change when they go against each other.

Next you will have the choice between 4 different matches at 2pm. You could either watch Angers vs Bordeaux, Metz vs Monaco, Nantes vs Nimes or St Etienne vs lorient. Angers is currently ahead of Bordeaux, as they won against Dijon 1-0, while Bordeaux drew their last match 0-0.

Metz and Monaco both scored two goals in their last matches, but Metz won 2-1 against Nimes, while it was a draw between Monaco and Reims. Meanwhile, Nantes drew with Bordeaux in their last match are below Nimes, who after winning against Brest 4-0 are currently at the top of the table.

Friendly Matches

If you are looking for a friendly match to watch on the Sunday, there is only one available to watch on Sky.

That is Ajax vs 1. FC Union Berlin at 12pm. Ajax have been doing well in the past few friendly matches, so can they keep up their winning streak, or will it be broken? You’ll have to watch it to find out.