Tote Betting Site & Offers

Tote Betting are not currently taking on new customers, here are some other good offers:

Tote has actually been around for a while as ‘Totesport’, but has recently reverted back to Tote. If you’ve never heard of them before, they’re actually one of the biggest names when it comes to horse racing. Is there a reason why Tote has earned that reputation? Should you sign up with them? Read on to find out more.


  • Dedicated horse racing betting site
  • Very clean and uncluttered site design
  • A true risk free bet as a welcome bonus


  • No real promotions or loyalty scheme available

Markets On Offer

First you need to know if they’re covering the sports that you love. Is Tote a one trick pony, or do they have more up their sleeve than what they’re famous for?

Take a look at the site, and you’ll see that they’re very much focused on horse racing. There aren’t any other sports markets on there, so if you want a variety you’re not going to find it here. If the horses are your thing though, then are you in the right place.

There are plenty of markets available, so you can place all kinds of bets. You can make single or multi leg bets, such as win/place, trifecta, swinger, placepot, and more. It’s actually made very simple to understand. Whether you’re a total newbie or an old hand at horse racing, then you’ll find it easy to get started here.

The popular betting options here are the Scoop and the Placepot. The Scoop works by you choosing six favourites to win in different races. The cost is just £2 to join, and your entry is placed into the prize pool. If you win, you’ll be paid a dividend based on how many people joined in.

The Placepot works in a similar way. You’ll pick six horses, and all they’ll need to do is place in order for you to win. The prizes aren’t as large here, but there’s plenty here to keep you entertained.

You’ll find races from all over the world on the site. Right now, we can see races in the UK, France, South Africa, Hong Kong, and more. There’s so many that there’s almost always a race that you can bet on.

What you will find is that there’s no live betting, as such here. That’s because Tote works on a pools method of betting. Don’t let that put you off, though. Results are updated constantly, and you’ll be able to watch races as they happen right there on the site. You don’t even need to have placed a bet on the race in question in order to watch it in order to watch it. As long as you’ve made a recent deposit on the site, you’re good to go.

Site Design

What about the site itself? With the site rebrand comes a new look, so what did Tote do to make themselves stand out?

They use a bright red and white colour palette, which looks very clean and easy to get around. It’s super modern, and there’s nothing getting in the way of what you want.

The homepage runs you through everything you need, in easy to follow info boxes. You can click on pages like ‘Bet Types’, ‘Today’s Racing’ and ‘Results’ to find out more. If you want to know who’s racing today, you can click on Races at the top of the page to see what’s happening around the world. You can place a bet directly from this page too, if you so choose.

What’s interesting is that the site has a Knowledge section. This walks you through how betting works at Tote, and gives you tips on how to place your bets. There’s plenty of guides here, as well as a calendar so you can plan out which races you want to watch.

This all sounds good, but what about mobile players? You’re all well catered to, with a mobile browser version of the site that works just like the desktop version. You’ll see that there’s also an app available, on both iOS and Android. If that’s more your thing, you can download them and access everything Tote has to offer here.

We love the site design, especially the way it has worked to be accessible to newcomers. With that clean, uncluttered look, you can get around and get the info you need right away.

Welcome Offer

As Tote is a little bit different as a betting site, you wouldn’t think that they offer a welcome offer to new members. Being so specialised, they shouldn’t have any trouble bringing new members, right?

Maybe so, but they will pleasantly surprise you. There is a welcome offer to anyone who signs up with the site. Right now, you can claim a £10 risk free bet when you sign up. It works like this: When you deposit at least £1 and place a bet with it, and the bet loses, you’ll receive that cash back, up to a value of £10. That’s a true risk free bet, as you’ll get it back as cash rather bonus funds to use on the site.

We love this offer, as it shows a lot of confidence from Tote. They want you to love the site, so they’re ready to give you the chance to experience it, totally free of risk. It’s worth signing up just for this.


The welcome offer is pretty good, but what about the promotions? Are Tote offering good deals for members who keep coming back for more?

On the site, there is a promotions tab, but right now there doesn’t appear to be much in it. They’re advertising their welcome bonus, as well as a deal where you’ll always be guaranteed at least SP on all win bets. There’s also a link to the live streaming service here.

These are all ok, but there’s no real promotions here to speak of. Tote do do things differently, but it’s strange to have a promotions tab with no real promotions to speak of in it. Maybe they’re hoping to add more in the near future, and we hope so too. It would be fun to have extra deals available for those who keep coming back.

The one other thing that’s missing is a loyalty scheme. On most sites, you would see a loyalty scheme in one form or another, rewarding you for coming back and placing bets on the site. This is something that just isn’t available here for customers. You’ll need to consider if this is a deal breaker for you or not, but we would like to see one included in the future.

Payment Options

When you sign up and make your first deposit, how can you make that transaction? Does Tote give you enough options for making that payment? Let’s take a look at what they’re offering.

Right now, they’re just offering card payments as a way of making transactions here, with Visa and MasterCard accepted. That’s very sparse as far as payment options go. You would normally expect to see some eWallets on offer, but there’s nothing here. We’re hoping they add these in soon, as most punters expect to see them. After all, these days most people make all their online payments with PayPal or similar eWallets.

Customer Service Support

The Tote site is great, but sometimes you’re going to need some help. After all, you may have questions, or just need a little support. What are they able to offer you in this department?

You’ll see there’s actually a few ways to get help. Firstly, you can read through the FAQ to see if it answers your question. There’s lots of info here, and covers almost anything that you can think of. It’s a good idea to read it first, as you can save a lot of time that way.

Still can’t get an answer for your question? Not a problem. Now you can choose the method you’ll use to talk to the customer service team. The live chat is the most popular option, as you don’t even have to leave the site to use it. All you have to do is sign in, and you’ll be connected with someone in a matter of seconds.

If you don’t want to talk that way, you can always send an email to the team, and they’ll aim to reply to you within hours. You can also place a phone call to them, and get help that way. This choice is great, as you can choose the option that works best for you.

If you need to get in touch, the opening hours of the customer care lines are between 8am and 10pm every day, apart from Christmas Day. They’re not the longest opening hours, but most players will be covered by them.

Responsible Gaming

These days, most betting sites are going to have a responsible gaming policy in place. Tote is certainly no exception here. Take a look at their responsible gaming page, and you’ll see they’ve outlined their commitment to protecting their members.

If you ever feel you’re dealing with problem gaming, you can visit this page. They lay out the problems that gaming can cause you, such as interfering with time with your loved ones or other activities, or costing you more money than you’re willing to spend.

If you recognise any of these problems, then you can start using the tools the site have for you. For example, you can set time outs on your account. These are an excellent way to cool off if you feel you’re spending too much time on the site. These can be set at 24 hours or 7 day intervals, should you need them.

There’s also the option to self exclude from the site, if you’re still experiencing problems. This will block you from the site and prevent you from signing up again. You can do this for a shorter period of time, such as 6 months, all the way up to 60 months.

If you are having problems, it’s worth talking to the customer care team. They’ll be ready to talk to you and help you out. With this policy in place, there are lots of ways you can get the help you need.


Tote is certainly a standout site in the world of online betting. There’s not many sites that stick to one sport but here you’ll get all horse racing, all the time. It is good to see, as some sites don’t offer horse racing markets as an option. They offer the option to bet on races all around the world, so there’s always going to be something here for you.

As for the bets themselves, they use a pools system which you don’t see often on other betting site. The amount of money you stand to win on these bets will depend on how many people go all in on the bet as well. The Jackpot pool gives the biggest payouts, but you can go in on smaller prizes too, such as the Placepot. That allows everyone to get involved and win something. As some tickets cost as little as £2 though, it’s never going to break the bank.

We especially like the welcome offer here. When you place your first bet, you’ll get that cash back up to £10 if you lose. That’s amazing, as you’ll actually get it as cash rather than bonus funds. The bet truly is risk free, and it’s a great way to give the site a try and see what you think. Not a lot of betting sites would do that, so it’s very good news for you as a punter.